Compliance & Security Consulting

Align your business with government regulations and proper security protocols for maximum protection.

Understand Compliance Standards

We’ll create and document your policies for future verification and management.

For hospitals, pharmacies, doctor’s offices, and other health care organizations, HIPAA compliance guarantees security of patient’s healthcare records and personally identifiable information.

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Contractors and subcontractors for the US Department of Defense must follow very stringent controls with respect to Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) and general cyber security hygiene.

Governed by AICPA, SOC is the preferred standard for B2B interactions since it helps to provide assurances of how one organization will handle the security, integrity, availability, and confidentiality of the other organization’s data.

Outside of any specific industry regulations, organizations’ risk management teams often have complex control matrices derived from NIST 800-53(Rev.5) or equivalent controls to impose on their vendors.

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