Get the BEST in cyber security protection

Thrive during times of uncertainty and place your security in the hands of experts. We provide proactive and preventive solutions that give you confidence in your data’s security.


Stay ahead of the unpredictable

Get all these services and more as part of the Miles Assurance Plan, our complete solution to Managed IT and Cyber Security.

24/7 Rapid Response

In the event of a breach, our Rapid Response Team is ready to act FAST to eliminate the threat.

Threat Prevention

We utilize proven, best-in-class security tools to prevent cyber threats to your business.

Web Filtering

Keep your team secure by blocking access to sites that pose a potential security risk.

System Analysis

We proactively search through your network for threats that may have evaded traditional security software.

Patch Management

Keep all of your business systems up-to-date and secure with automated patching.

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